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Rates Financial Difficulties

If you are experiencing payment/financial difficulties, we are happy to discuss alternative arrangements to help you manage payment of your rates and avoid additional costs.

Please contact the Property and Rates team today to discuss your eligibility for an alternative payment plan.

Financial hardship

You may also be eligible to apply for the deferral or waiver of your rates, charges or levies if you are assessed by Council as experiencing genuine financial hardship.

Financial hardship may apply to individuals who are experiencing circumstances that have caused disruption and stress to the typical financial operations of their household.  For instance, causes of financial hardship may include employment loss or difficulties, increased costs due to ill health, or family breakdown or crisis circumstances.

Please be aware that Council may require documented evidence in support of any claim of financial hardship assistance.

Please contact the Property and Rates team to discuss your circumstances and eligibility for financial hardship assistance.

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