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Amending a Current Planning Application

After a planning application has been submitted to us for assessment, you may find that changes are required. Council may request changes or you may request a change if you believe the proposal needs to be altered.

This is referred to as a 'Section 50' or 'Section 57A' amendment. The type and fee status will depend on whether or not the permit application has already been advertised.

  • A Section 50 amendment is applied if the application has not been advertised. No fees apply to these applications.
  • A Section 57A amendment is applied if the application has already been advertised. Fees apply to these applications.

If you need to make changes to an approved permit, please request for Amendment to an Application for Planning Permit.

Before submitting your application, discuss your proposed changes with the Planner who is assessing your application.

Both Section 50 and Section 57A amendments can be applied for online, via mail or directly at one of our customer service centres or libraries.

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