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A building permit is required for some fences, you must notify neighbours of a change and may also apply for half price fencing when it adjoins council property.

Do I need a permit?

Information on when a building permit is required for fences can be found in the document when is a building permit required published by the Victorian Building Authority.

For specific advice about your building permit obligations or your fencing project phone the Building Services team on 1300 367 700.

Half cost fencing - Council adjoined land

 If your property adjoins council land you may apply for half cost fencing by returning the Notice to Fence between property owner and council(PDF, 182KB) application form via or to any service centre.

Three written quotes are required.  They must show the price for the height/materials of a standard fence regardless of the fence being erected.

There are exceptions when the fence neighbour is a road.

The fence owner must obtain prior approval from Latrobe City to construct:

  • a non-standard fence 
  • a gate at a boundary fence to access a Council Reserve

Read the Half Cost Fencing Policy(PDF, 23KB) prior to applying to ensure your request complies with the policy.

For half cost fencing(PDF, 182KB) enquiries email

Contacting Neighbours

Boundary fences between your property and properties adjoining yours are governed under the Fencing Act.

Use the notice to fence form to inform your neighbours of the changes and request they contribute to the cost.

Unless Council is the adjoining owner, we do not have authority over or any involvement with arranging to replace or build this type of fence when a building or planning permit is not required. 

Requesting ownership details

If the adjoining landowner doesn’t live at the property you can request ownership details.  You can only use this information for the purpose of arranging the construction of a fence.

Complete the  Request for Ownership Details for Fencing Purposes Only form to make this request and return via or submit at any service centre.

To obtain information on Notice to Fence and Disputes phone:

Standard fence

Urban Standard Fence:

A 1650mm high paling fence with concrete posts at 2700mm centres; hardwood or treated pine rails at the top and bottom and a 75mm x 38mm hardwood or treated pine rail at the centre; a 150mm x 38mm concrete plinth; and 12mm thick by 1500mm long hardwood or treated pine palings with tops and bottoms sawn to line.

Rural Standard Fence:

A 1200mm high post and wire fence with 5 non-barbed wires and 100 mm diameter treated pine posts at 3000 mm centres.

Further detail to guide officers in the implementation of this policy is contained in the Half Cost Fencing Operational Policy and includes:

  • Detailed criteria for assessing property owner eligibility.
  • Responsibilities of entities engaged to undertake fence works; and
  • Gates in fences abutting Council property.

The details within the operational policy may be updated as is required to maintain contemporary guidance and will be made available to the community members upon request.

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