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New Food Business

Before you start construction or structural works you must complete the Buisness Approvals Application. We can then provide you with specific information on the requirements of your new food premises.

Inspection of the proposed site

You should consider a site assessment of the proposed food premises before you buy a premises or sign a rental agreement.

Submit your plan

Before you start construction of renovations on a building that is to be used as food premises Council recommends that you contact Council’s Health Services to discuss the proposal and any requirements for the fit out of the food business. You may wish to submit a copy of plans for the proposed food business for feedback from one of Council’s Environmental Health Officers.

Proposed plans may include details of the following:

  • type of food premises;
  • type(s) of food prepared (including menus if available);
  • type(s) of food sold;
  • details of business customers (eg general public, vulnerable population);
  • quantity of food prepared, stored and prepared; and
  • method and hours of operation; and
  • food transportation details (if applicable).
  • type and location of all proposed fittings and fixtures
  • finishes to all floors walls and ceilings
  • schedule of finishes including a description or specification for all finishes and claddings adhered to all internal surfaces in the premises (paint colour, type and number of coats to be applied, tile colour, size and type, coving details, flooring type, food contact  surface materials)
  • description of all light fittings
  • description of all equipment to be installed in the food premises
  • description of how equipment is intended to be installed (on castors, fitted to the floor)
  • mechanical exhaust drawings and specifications (if applicable)

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