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Megan Higginson

Megan Higginson is the author of Raymund and the Fear Monster, illustrated by Ester de Boer. My Princess Wears a Superhero Cape by Melissa Gijsbers is Megan's debut book as an illustrator and it came out in March 2021. ​Megan lives in her own superhero hideout in Latrobe Valley where she scribbles and paints. Megan has always drawn and thought up stories since she was a kid but never felt she was good enough, until she decided she was. So, she put on her princess crown and superhero cape, and since then, dragons haven’t been able to keep her away from her brushes and paints, or her notebook. Through sharing her own story of having dyslexia, Megan hopes to inspire children to read, and to create their own stories, even if for some it is difficult. 

Raymund and the Fear Monster: A monster that eats fear is terrorising Raymund’s village. Raymund is small and not very brave. Will Raymund be able to overcome his fear, defeat the monster and save his village?

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