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Jessica Sizeland

Jessica Sizeland has worked in early childhood since 2003. She received her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education in 2010. Since then, she has worked in various kindergartens in her local area of Victoria, Australia. She then took some time off to have her children – Cohen and Maddison, the boy and girl twins aged 7, and Zara, the youngest daughter aged 6. Since the children have now begun their primary school, Jess decided to take a chance on her dream of writing and illustrating a children’s picture book.

Not Just a Knot! is based on a mother and a child with very messy hair. The child tries to escape her mother’s brush and soon reveals that she has befriended a knot on her head. As the story continues, it is revealed that the child really just wants to spend time with her mum. At last, Mum understands and makes time to play a game, only after her hair has been brushed. Ahhh, so now finally the knot is gone...or is it?

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