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Sharps and Syringe Disposal

Discarded syringes

We maintain permanently fixed sharps containers at public toilets throughout the municipality to promote the safe disposal of used needles.

Arrangements are in place to collect and dispose of syringes found in public areas.

If you notice a discarded syringe:

  1. Phone 1300 367 700
  2. Give the exact address of where the syringe is, and describe nearby landmarks such as a phone box, public toilets, etc.
  3. Provide your contact details in case we need more details

Handling syringes

We recommend used syringes are handled by professionals only.

However, if you must handle one:

  • If you can, use tongs or protect your hand with a heavy duty glove or cloth
  • Never touch the sharp end of the needle, only pick up the syringe by the barrel end
  • Do not try to replace the cap on the needle
  • Put the needle and syringe in a screw top, puncture proof, plastic container and seal it
  • Tell children never to pick up needles or syringes, but to call an adult
  • Do not put needles and syringes down toilets and drains

If you are a user of needles/syringes:

  • Never share syringes
  • Never reuse syringes
  • DO NOT break the needle off the syringe
  • Dispose of injecting equipment responsibly

Needle and syringe programs

Local needle and syringe programs are coordinated by:

There are large capacity bright orange disposal bins located outside the entrance of each of the Latrobe Community Health Offices at:

  • 42-44 Fowler Street Moe
  • 81-85 Buckley Street Morwell
  • Seymour Street and Princes Highway, Traralgon

These disposal bins are accessible at all times and are capable of taking large capacity needle and syringe disposal containers.

Latrobe Community Health Services employ a Regional Mobile Drug Safety Worker who is available for assistance, education and advice on any drug related issues. Latrobe Community Health Service can be contacted on the above phone numbers during office hours.

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