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Hard and Green Waste Coupons

Each property that receives kerbside garbage and recycling service will receive two hard waste/green waste coupons with their rates notice, eligible for 12 months.

Use your coupons to do one of the following:

  • Dispose of up to two cubic metres of acceptable hard waste
  • Dispose of up to two cubic metres or acceptable green waste
  • Dispose of up to one cubic metre of hard waste and one cubic metre of green waste.
  • Use both coupons to book a kerbside hard waste collection

The new coupon system has replaced the annual ‘No-charge hard waste and No-charge green waste Drop-off weekends’. These will no longer be offered.

The coupon system is for household hard waste that cannot be put into wheelie bins, and is not hazardous.

Check the list of materials not accepted as hard waste.

Kerbside hard waste collection

If you do not have the ability to take hard waste items to a transfer station, you can redeem two coupons to book a kerbside hard waste collection.

How to book

Take two coupons to any service centre or library.


  • A maximum of two cubic metres of acceptable household hard waste.
  • Collections are in May and December each year.
  • You cannot pay for a booked hard waste service.

Booking kerbside hard waste collection without the coupons

You cannot book a hard waste collection without coupons. You are only able to book by redeeming both coupons at a service centre or library.

Common questions

Why has the hard waste service changed?

  • The benefits of the new coupon system include:
  • No long waiting times
  • Use as required
  • Maximise recycling at transfer stations
  • Provide waste and recycling education to the community
  • Reduce illegal dumping

Will these changes cost the ratepayer more?

No. The 2019/20 garbage charge is $373.30 and covers all waste management services including kerbside garbage service, transfer station management, processing of recyclables and green waste, hard waste and landfill management.

How will people know my booked-in waste is not illegally dumped?

When coupons are redeemed you will receive a booking confirmation and a printed receipt. Latrobe City Council Local Laws will be aware of the booking at your address. If items are illegally dumped together with existing booked items phone Coordinator Waste Services on 5128 6102 for advice.

I don’t receive a kerbside garbage collection, how can I book a hard waste kerbside collection?

If council does not currently collect your kerbside garbage, you are not eligible to receive hard waste coupons or book a kerbside hard waste collection.

Take items to any of the transfer stations or green waste facilities and pay the applicable fees. Sort your materials into groups of recyclables from your other waste items to minimise the cost of your waste disposal. Check the list of recyclable items.(PDF, 103KB)

Will my hard waste be recycled?

Yes, recycling is part of all waste service operations. The new system will enable all hard waste to be manually sorted and processed to maximise our recycling effort. Recyclable items will be collected from your kerbside first to be taken to the sorting facility.

What if I live in a leased property?

Latrobe City Council intends for the tenants of leased properties to be provided with the coupons by their landlord, enabling the tenant to maintain the property as required by the conditions of the tenancy agreement.

If you are in private rental, please contact your Real Estate Agent or landlord. If you are a tenant within Public Housing or Community Housing, phone Council on 1300 367 700.

What if there is limited nature strip space?

If you are concerned about limited nature strip space, phone 1300 367 700 to arrange a safe and suitable space nearby to present your waste, without obstructing the road or footpath.

What if I don’t have a trailer but want to use a coupon?

Use your coupons with help from a friend, family member or neighbour to take your waste to any of Latrobe City Council’s transfer stations or green waste facilities with your coupon. You will need to present your coupon/s at the appropriate facility. Council cannot provide loan or hire trailers for this purpose.