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Green and Garden Waste Disposal



Green waste disposal fees depends on the size of trailer or vehicle.

Sedans, Utilities and Station wagons 

  • $12

Single axel trailers

  • $12 - height to 30cm 
  • $20 - heaped to 60cm
  • $28 - boxed height to 90cm

Tandem trailers 

  • $20 - height to 30cm
  • $28 - heaped to 60cm 
  • $32 - Caged Tandem 

Not accepted at green waste facilities

Soil, logs greater than 10cm diameter cannot be taken to Latrobe City Council green waste facilities

Hard and green waste coupons

The 'No-charge drop-off weekends' have been replaced with coupons.

The Hard and Green Waste Coupons allow for upto one cubic metre of acceptable hard or green waste - per coupon.

If you are eligible for these coupons you will receive them with your rate notice.

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