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Reducing Plastic Waste

At the end of last year, we discontinued the supply and sale of single-use plastic water bottles and straws at Council facilities and events to align with the Victorian Government's single use plastics ban. 

Almost 15 billion plastic bottles are bought in Australia every year and roughly 70% of plastic water bottles end up in either landfill or in the environment. They contribute to the 130,000 tonnes of plastic that ends up in Australia’s oceans every year and they take up to 1000 years to break down. 

To help reduce plastic waste, we are encouraging community members to bring their own bottle when they leave home. Reusable drink bottles can be refilled at our water fountains, which are located at all leisure centres and Gippsland Regional Indoor Sports Stadium, and some of our libraries and walking paths. 

We have introduced this initiative to help community members embrace a sustainable habit that will contribute to the protection of the region’s environment. 

Just in case you forget to bring your bottle, we have stocked some of our fridges with new eco-friendly reusable aluminium bottles! 

This positive step towards reducing our plastic waste will help to create a clean and green environment for our community to live, work and play in. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to anyone in the Leisure or Environment and Sustainability teams. 

For more information, read our media release here and see details about the Victorian Government single-use plastics ban here.

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