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Exploring Latrobe’s Biodiversity

Latrobe City boasts a rich diversity of plants, birds and other wildlife, including fauna such as the Powerful Owl and Barking Owl, Strzelecki Koala and Tree Goanna. Grey Kangaroo, Swamp Wallaby, Wombat and Echidna are common, and Platypus can be found in some of the creeks.

Latrobe City extends over parts of three natural regions, the Highlands-Southern Fall Bioregion, the Gippsland Plain Bioregion and the Strzelecki Ranges Bioregion.

Each of these bioregions is separately recognised by State and Federal Government due to their unique assemblage of vegetation cover, natural physical features, climate and biodiversity. These bioregions are hugely significant historically, culturally and ecologically.

Latrobe City Council manages a number of bushland reserves for community recreation and conservation benefits. 

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