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Payment Plan Application

By completing this online form you are agreeing to make regular [as nominated]payments via our online payment system, or over the phone by eligible credit/debit card. If you wish to Pay via cheque, money order or direct debit please complete and post the Direct Debit Form. 

Centrepay and BPay are not accepted. Please note until further notice Council Service Centres are closed and in person payments cannot be accepted at this time.

Following receipt of your application, Council will assess your application and you will receive a response in writing within 7-10 business days.  If you infringement is overdue, please request an extension of payment by calling 1300 367 700 to avoid additional fees.

Please read and complete all relevant parts of this form and ensure that you agree to the terms and conditions of this application at the end of this form.

Privacy Statement

Latrobe City Council is collecting the information on this form so that it may consider your application. The information is only used by Latrobe City Council for this purpose and will not be disclosed unless required by law.

Payment Plan Application Form

Infringement Details
Infringement type
Personal Details
Contact Number
Application Details
Frequency of payments
I wish to pay via
Acknowledgement and Declaration
I acknowledged by completing this form that I will make the payments as approved in this plan via Council’s Online Payment system. Details of which will be provided in the Payment Plan Approval Letter. I acknowledge that if 2 or more payments are missed that the plan may be defaulted and full payment of the infringements will be required.


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