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Kernot Hall Redevelopment

A Project Reference Group comprising subject-matter experts and user groups from across Latrobe City came together between April to July 2018 to work on the idea of Kernot Hall being remodelled into a Convention Centre and to assist in preparation of a Business Case.

AEC Group Ltd were engaged to work with the Project Reference Group and a recommendation was made to Council to upgrade Kernot Hall with a view to marketing this amazing facility – the largest flat floor space in the area – and attracting more business to the facility.

Council accepted this suggestion so AEC Group Ltd worked with their architect on some concept designs of how Kernot Hall could be upgraded to freshen it up, fix up accessibility, and make it more functional.

The next step is to have an architect work on a more detailed plan.  During this process, some of the ideas in the concept plans may change.

Council is working on accessing funding to implement the upgrade.

Kernot Hall Redevelopment Design


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