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First Time Parent Group

Our first time parent group is offered over 6 weeks to help support parents and their babies.

The program is designed to help you develop a supportive network and an opportunity to learn together. 

Benefits of joining include:

  • Make friends and social networks
  • Increase your confidence as a parent
  • Learn about child health and development

Some of the topics covered during the 6 week program:

  • Sleep and settling
  • Adjusting to changes in your relationships after having a baby
  • Women’s health
  • Nutrition
  • Connecting with your baby
  • Moving your body after having a baby

What Were We Thinking

The birth of a first baby is a unique life transition during which all new parents will experience a period of adjustment.

What Were we Thinking is part of our First time Parents Groups and aids parents to manage and adjust to change – this session is intended for both parents and support person/s.

By attending these session you will:

  • Have increased confidence and competence in infant care
  • Have a new vocabulary and concepts to describe your needs and experiences
  • Appreciate the importance of  empathy and understanding of each other’s changed needs
  • Recognise common stereotypes about the roles and responsibilities of mothers and fathers

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