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Starting, Growing or Buying a Business

Starting a business can be an exciting yet daunting challenge. There are many things you need to know to get your business up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Before making any substantial investments, it is important to engage with Council as you will likely need one or more permits to operate.

Latrobe City Council is here to support you through the application process and help you understand what you need to commence trading.

What permits might I need?

The number and type of Council permits will depend on the specific details of your proposal, such as where you wish to operate from, signage information and what products/services you will offer - some businesses require no permits, one permit or multiple permits

Permit Types

How you can seek permit information

  1. Use the self-assessment tool below to understand what permits you may require.
  2. Call the Business Concierge in Council’s Business Development team on 5128 5789 to discuss your new business concept or changes to an existing business. You can also request written permit advice, by completing the questionnaire below.
  3. When it is determined what permits will be required, arrange to meet the Concierge and relevant departments to discuss your proposal in more detail.
  4. When you have all documents ready to go, apply using the Business Approvals Application Form.

Self-assessment Permit Tool

Please undertake this self-assessment permit tool to determine what permits you might need.  

Self Assessment Tool

Business Concierge Service

We have a Business Concierge Service here to help you at each stage of the process. Contact us during business hours on 5128 5789 or  

Before you apply online, please contact the Concierge for a quick chat to determine which permits you may require. The Concierge will discuss your individual needs and provide support in the online application.

Pre-application Questionnaire

If you would like some initial advice in writing, you can fill out this pre-application questionnaire and our Business Concierge Service will get back to you.

Pre-application Meetings

The Concierge can also assist in setting up a pre-application meeting at Council, which brings together relevant departments to discuss the permits involved. Having a pre-application meeting is recommended for those seeking further guidance and support before submitting the application form with all of the relevant information.

Ready to Apply

Single Application Forms

If it is confirmed that your business will only require a single permit at Council, you may proceed by applying through the relevant forms below:

Multiple Permits

If you need more than one permit, you can apply for them at the same time using this combined The Business Approvals Application Form is available.

For help filling out the application form please read our  Application Guide or contact our Concierge in the Business Development team:

Internal departments at Council will process application forms submitted to or our service centres.

Business Support

Council’s business development team are available to assist you with the resources to support you and your business. Reach out to the team to discuss how we can assist you, whether you are a new business owner, existing business owner or prospective business owner.

Also review our Support for Business page:

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