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Caravan Park Registration

In Victoria, all caravan parks must be registered with their Local Government Authority in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 2010.

We can grant registration of a caravan park if we are satisfied the park complies with the Residential Tenancies (Caravan Park & Movable Dwellings Registration & Standards) Regulations 2010:

  • standards for fire prevention and safety – requiring caravan park owners to  have up-to-date fire safety measures
  • emergency management planning requirements in case of possible emergencies such as bushfires, floods and severe storms
  • construction standards for new movable dwellings including minimum energy efficiency requirements and referencing the Building Code of Australia for the relevant technical specifications for unregistrable movable dwellings
  • caravan park registration periods

We recommend you use the Residential Tenancies Act, CFA Caravan Park Fire Safety Guideline and Residential Tenancies (Caravan Parks and Movable Dwellings Registration and Standard) Regulations 2010 with these guidelines.

Setting up a new caravan park

Before you start construction or structural works you must obtain the relevant planning approval for the proposed caravan park.

Once planning approval has been granted you must complete an Establishment Application Caravan Parks (Residential Tenancies Act 1997); this should include the following:-

  • Plan of the caravan park detailing location of caravan sites (permanent, temporary, camping);
  • Any permanent buildings (toilet blocks, laundry, swimming pool, common rooms/buildings:
  • Location of fire equipment (extinguishers, hole reels, fire blankets);
  • Location of high risk features (such gas bottles, bulk chemical storage);
  • Location of evacuation points;
  • Schedule of works; and
  • Emergency management plan

Approval of plans

We will assess the submitted plans within ten working days. Once assessment is complete we will advise you in writing of the outcome or any additional requirements. We are unable to approve plans that fail to provide the necessary information.

We will return for your records a copy of any approved plans.  

Registration of your caravan park

When your registration is approved we will supply you with a certificate and you can open for trade. The certificate must be displayed in a prominent position within the premises and remain at the premises at all times.

Registration of your business is for a three year period.

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