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Have Your Say on Proposed Meeting Conduct Local Law

Notice is given that at a meeting of Latrobe City Council (Council) held on 7 June 2021, Council proposed to make a Local Law titled ‘Local Law No. 1, Meeting Conduct Local Law’ (proposed Local Law).

The following information about the proposed Local Law provided in accordance with section 119(2) of the Local Government Act 1989 (Act):

Purpose of the proposed Local Law

If made, the purposes of the proposed Local Law will be to:

  • Regulate the use of the Council’s Common Seal;
  • Prescribe offences in relation to inappropriate conduct at Council meetings and Delegated Committee meetings, and in relation to misuse of the Common Seal or any petition or joint letter.

General purport of the proposed Local Law

If made, the proposed Local Law will revoke Meeting Conduct Local Law No.1 2020 and:

  • Provide for the administration of Council’s Common Seal;
  • Create offences for:
    • Misuse of Council’s Common Seal;
    • Failure of a Councillor to withdraw an expression considered offensive or disorderly by the Chair;
    • Failure of a person who is not a Councillor to leave a meeting on the Chair’s Order;
    • Failure of a Councillor to leave a meeting on the Chair’s order or on Resolution of Council;
    • Failure of any person to comply with a lawful direction of the Chair at a meeting;
    • Inscribing the name or signature purporting to be the name or signature of another person on a petition or joint letter which is presented to Council or has the intention of being presented to Council;
    • Unauthorised recording or broadcasting of any part of a meeting.

Copies of the proposed Local Law together with the Community Impact Statement may be obtained from the following locations during office hours: Latrobe City Council Headquarters, 141 Commercial Road, Morwell; Traralgon Service Centre, 34–38 Kay Street, Traralgon; Moe Service Centre, 1–29 George Street, Moe; Churchill Service Centre, 9–11 Philip Parade, Churchill; or may be viewed on Council’s website,

Any person affected by the proposed Local Law may make a submission to the Council. Submissions received by Council up until 5 pm Thursday 15 July 2021 will be considered in accordance with section 223 of the Act. Any person requesting that he or she be heard in support of a written submission is entitled to appear before a Council meeting either on their own behalf or by a person acting on their behalf and specified in the submission, and will be provided with reasonable notice of the details of that meeting. Submissions made in accordance with section 223 are not confidential and will be incorporated (including the name of the submitter only) into the agenda and minutes of any Council or Committee meeting at which the matter is considered. The submission may be made available on Council’s website as part of any relevant Council or Committee agenda and minutes. Submissions should be marked ‘Submission on Proposed Local Law’ and addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 264, Morwell, by 5 pm Thursday 15 July 2021. Any person requiring further information concerning the proposed Local Law should in the first instance contact Council’s Service Centre on 1300 367 700.

STEVEN PIASENTE Chief Executive Officer

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