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Greg Jessep

Greg Jessep is a retired secondary teacher of Mathematics and Science and lives in the Latrobe Valley in Victoria, east of Melbourne. Since 2010 he has ventured into the remote outback areas of Queensland and Western New South Wales to tutor upper primary and lower secondary students doing their schooling via Schools of the Air. Apart from writing, he cycles regularly, loves doing cryptic crosswords and sudokus, plays the guitar and loves listening to music. He is a passionate Richmond Tigers supporter and in an earlier life played cricket, football and baseball, as well as umpiring cricket and football. Greg has four children and eight grandchildren. He and his wife Sandy occasionally get the chance to look after the grandchildren, especially during school holidays.


Adventures in the Outback is a collection of short stories and one poem inspired by the author's time in the outback of Queensland and New South Wales, tutoring young people doing their schooling via Schools of the Air and home-schooling. The stories include many of the things common to these youngsters but not to those living in cities or big regional towns. Experience life on these outback properties where sometimes the unexpected happens and wonderful friendships are formed.

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