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Financial Hardship Assistance

There are a range of reasons why an individual or business may experience financial difficulty, not all of which merit relief. Examples of entitling relief are illness, unemployment, divorce/separation or cash flow problems while noting that relief would not ordinarily be provided where the financial hardship arises due to financial over commitment, an own decision (for example, resignation) or imprisonment.

To ensure the financial hardship offered to one ratepayer does not unduly disadvantage other ratepayers, Council will not waive in whole or part any rate, levy, charge, special rate or special charge.

Relief for financial hardship is therefore limited to waiver of interest and legal fees on overdue payments, a deferment or a payment arrangement.


A person is considered to be in financial hardship when they would be unable to provide food, accommodation, clothing, medical treatment, education or other basic necessities for themselves, their family or their dependants.

An application based on financial hardship from a ratepayer in relation to rates due on vacant land or from an owner of multiple properties (whether all in Latrobe City or not) will not be considered.


A business is considered to be in financial hardship when facing closure, disconnection of utilities, repossession of a vehicle necessary to the operation of the business or imminent legal action for non-payment of debts.

To establish financial hardship, the person or business must also show that the financial hardship is capable of remedy if payment arrangements were to change.

Application for Assistance

If you would like to apply for assistance under the terms of the Financial Hardship Policy please complete your details below and a member of the relevant team will get back to you to discuss your options. 

Further supporting documentation and proof of circumstances may be requested to complete your request.

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Contact Details
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