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Latrobe City Outdoor Pop-Up Dining Spaces

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Hungry for the outdoors?

Feast on your favourites from local cafes and restaurants, and enjoy free live music in our pop-up outdoor dining spaces.



Where: Moe Library Forecourt
When: Saturday 20 and 27 February, 6 and 13 March, 9am to 1pm

  • Saturday 20 Feb: Fields of White, Hazel Ray and Danny Eddy
  • Saturday 27 Feb: Darcy Fox and SweetLip
  • Saturday 6 Mar: Solwota, Miles Eddy, Darcy Fox and Erin McKinney
  • Saturday 13 Mar: Darcy Fox, Hazel Ray and SweetLip



Where: Tarwin Street event space
When: Friday 19 and 26 February, 5 and 12 March, 12pm to 2pm

  • Friday 19 Feb: Fields of White and Hazel Ray
  • Friday 26 Feb: Hazel Ray
  • Friday 5 Feb: Darcy Fox and Fields of WHite
  • Friday 12 Feb: Hazel Ray and Danny Eddy



Where: Victory Park
When: Thursday 18 and 25 February, 4 and 11 March, 5pm to 8pm

  • Thursday 18 Feb: Fields of White, Darcy Fox and Hazel Ray
  • Thursday 25 Feb: Darcy Fox and SweetLip
  • Thursday 4 March: Zac Goodwin, Darcy Fox and Danny Eddy
  • Thursday 11 March: SweetLip and Solwota


Using the outdoor space and listening to live music is free. Patrons need to source order and pay for their meal. 

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