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Latrobe City Council is committed to transparent and ethical government, and to meeting all of its lawful obligations. Council does not tolerate corrupt or improper conduct by its employees, and Council will fully protect any person who discloses such conduct. Council encourages any member of the public to raise any concerns about possible improper conduct by Council staff.

Under the Protected Disclosure Act 2012 (the Act), Council may receive and process disclosures about improper, dishonest or corrupt conduct by any Council officer, employee or contractor. If you have reason to believe that a Council employee is engaged in or planning to engage in improper or corrupt conduct, please read this page to understand the processes that Council will follow, before you contact Council with your concerns.

If you have evidence or reason to believe that a Councillor is engaged in improper conduct, this cannot be handled by Council, and you must contact the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) directly. Contact details for the IBAC can be found via this web page:

The IBAC website has a lot of information about making and handling protected disclosures. If there are any inconsistencies between the IBAC website and this page, the IBAC website should be considered authoritative.

For disclosures about Council employees, Council has prepared a, or asking to speak to the Protected Disclosure Manager on the Council contact phone number (1300 36 77 00) or when visiting Latrobe City Headquarters in Morwell. 

What happens once a disclosure is made

Only certain disclosures are covered by the Act and can be considered by Council as protected. The Protected Disclosure Manager will assess any disclosure to see whether it fits within the guidelines and will make a decision as to whether it is actionable. If the disclosure is relevant, the IBAC will be contacted with 28 days, as well as the person making the disclosure. If the disclosure is not considered to fit within the definitions provided by the Act, then the person making the disclosure will be informed (unless the disclosure was made anonymously), informed of their rights and invited to contact IBAC directly if they wish.

At all times, Council will maintain the anonymity of persons making a disclosure and the subject matter. There are heavy penalties that apply to any Council staff that breach the confidentiality requirements, and the person making a disclosure is also required to maintain confidentiality.

Protecting disclosers and the subjects of disclosures

Council is required to protect the welfare of any person making a disclosure, as well as any person about whom a disclosure has been made. Any reprisals or adverse action against a discloser is an offence, and heavy penalties apply (up to and including imprisonment). The Protected Disclosure Manager will firstly maintain strict confidentiality about any disclosure, and will discuss with the discloser any need to protect their welfare, including counselling and any other support. Similar support will be offered to the subjects of a disclosure, until such a time as the IBAC chooses to investigate.

This information is provided from Latrobe City Council web site and is for information purposes only. Although all care has been taken in the preparation and updating of the information no claim is made as to the accuracy or authenticity of the content. Latrobe City Council, its employees, agents, consultants and representatives do not accept any liability to any person for the information or advice (or the use of such information or advice) which is provided or incorporated into it by reference. The information is provided on the basis that all persons undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance, accuracy and currency of the information. Fees and charges are subject to change without notice.

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