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Logo use request

Meaning of the logo

Latrobe City’s New Energy logo depicts the strength, ambition and vitality of this thriving municipality, the hub of eastern Victoria.

The wave of New Energy surges through the spectrum of yellow and red, rising from a field of black, reflecting our industrial heritage, the traditional custodians of the region and the diversity of its citizens who, with unique talents and skills, contribute to one another and our society.

Latrobe City’s New Energy logo is a powerful image, radiating a vision of youthfulness, of growth and learning, signifying progression and adaptability, knowledge and creativity and symbolising a society moving on towards the future with optimism, to maximise its potential.

Permission to use the logo

Latrobe City Council’s name and corporate logo are the property of Latrobe City Council and may only be used with express permission. 

Permission to use the Latrobe City Council name or corporate logo will not be granted until this form has been completed and signed by an authorised manager or general manager.

Our standard logo

The standard logo is the horizontal version. The standard logo (horizontal version) should always be used in preference to the vertical format. Only use the vertical logo when the horizontal logo is not appropriate, because of space restraints or page layout considerations.

Please complete all of the fields below and you will receive our logo via email.

For further information please contact the Communications team on (03) 5128 5458.

Logo use request

By submitting this request you agree to the following:

  • understand that any use of the Latrobe City Council logo must be fully in accordance with our style guide(PDF, 721KB)
  • permission to use the Latrobe City Council name or logo is granted for a specific purpose and duration.  I agree that I will not use the Latrobe City Council name or logo after this time without again seeking permission
  • will use the Latrobe City Council logo in the format that it is provided and not alter it in any way (apart from re-sizing)
  • will not distribute or forward the Latrobe City Council logo to any other person or organisation without first obtaining the permission of Latrobe City Council
  • will provide a proof or copy of your document before it is published or distributed, including the Latrobe City Council logo, to the Council’s Communications team for approval before use
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