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Child Care Centre Policy

Adopted by Council on 4 November 2014

Policy Goals

Latrobe City Council will manage Early Learning Centres in Traralgon, Morwell and Moe in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Regulations and the Education and Care Services National Law. The purpose of these centres is to further children’s sense of identity, ensure that they are connected with and contribute to their world, foster a strong sense of wellbeing, that they are confident and involved learners and they have the skills to effectively communicate.  Each centre provides its service in an environment that encourages families to participate in programs and activities, enabling them to gain access to and exchange information about their child’s development and the community resources available to assist family life. The early learning centres are designed to provide childcare for children under six years of age in a manner which responds to the expressed needs of parents. The service aims to improve the health and wellbeing of families, promote child development, support vulnerable families and contribute to the prosperity of the region by supporting working families.

Policy Implementation

  1. Latrobe City Council will ensure that early learning centres provide care which meets the needs of children through the provision of a carefully planned environment and a range of experiences which are aimed to foster the physical, social emotional and intellectual development of children.
  2. Latrobe City Council will ensure that each centre provides inclusive services that cater for the needs of children of all abilities and those from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  3. Latrobe City Council will ensure that each centre conducts its affairs strictly in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations.
  4. Latrobe City Council will provide an opportunity for the involvement of children's parents in a meaningful way in the centre's operations.

Latrobe City Council will take a leadership role in planning, supporting and delivering quality childcare services to ensure families have a choice of childcare services ranging from community based integrated services to for-profit single focus services, providing full-time and part-time care.

This policy has been reviewed after giving proper consideration to all the rights contained within the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006; and any reasonable limitation to human rights can be demonstrably justified.

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