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Gender Equality Leadership Statement

The Gender Equality Act 2020 requires Victorian Public Agencies, including councils, to take positive action towards achieving workplace gender equality and to promote gender equality in their policies, programs and services.

Latrobe City Council Gender Equality Leadership Statement

Latrobe City Council recognises the right of all people, women, men and people of self-described gender to be treated equally. Council acknowledges its important leadership role in promoting gender equality within the Latrobe City community.

Latrobe City Council will take positive action towards workplace gender equality by:

  • Undertaking a workplace gender audit
  • Developing a Gender Equality Action Plan based on the findings of the workplace gender audit
  • Implementing workplace initiatives that address structural barriers to Gender Equality
  • Reporting on our progress in implementing the Gender Equality Action Plan and utilising the workplace gender equality indicators

Latrobe City Council will promote gender equality in our policies, programs and services by:

  • Training staff and Councillors in gender equality
  • Collecting and analysing gender disaggregated data to inform decision making
  • Utilising a gender lens to understand the impact of our policies, programs and services on people of different genders
  • Undertaking gender impact assessments on all new policies, programs and services that directly and significantly impact the public, as well as those up for review
  • Where practical, apply an intersectional approach to consider how gender inequality can be compounded by disadvantage or discrimination that a person may experience on the basis of other factors such as age, disability, or ethnicity.

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