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Council will invite submissions in accordance with its Community Engagement Policy from time to time. To learn more about all current opportunities, visit Have Your Say

When does a written submission get presented to Council?

Written submissions that are invited through our Community Engagement Policy program will be presented to a Council meeting as part of the broader report on the specific item.

There are no other opportunities for written submissions or correspondence to be listed as an agenda item. 

This policy does not override the provisions of the Local Government Act 1989, or change the opportunities or obligations in relation to people wishing to lodge submissions/objections to planning applications or proposed planning scheme amendments.

Where the submission does relate to a statutory submission process under the Local Government Act 1989 or the Planning and Environment Act 1987, Council will ensure that those procedures are followed, including any notifications required to those who have made a submission as specified in the applicable statutory processes.

What information is published/how can I view a submission?

Latrobe City Council takes the privacy of its community members seriously. When a written submission is presented as part of a Council report, we will only publish the name of the person and a summary of the submission in the minutes and agenda papers.

Full copies of submissions can be viewed in accordance with the provisions applicable under the relevant legislation.  If nothing is prescribed, then a copy of a submission may be viewed by contacting Council.

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