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Election Caretaker Period

Councils must comply with special arrangements in the lead up to elections, during what is known as the caretaker period.

The caretaker arrangements are intended to ensure that council actions do not interfere with the probity of the election process and to safeguard the authority of the incoming council.

The Victorian Local Government election day is 24 October 2020.

Caretaker period commences Tuesday 22 September and ends on Saturday 24 October, 6pm. During this time, our communication channels will be minimal

The Local Government Act 2020 provides direction about what kind of information can be published by Council or using Council resources during the Election Period. These resources include website and social media.

In order to avoid any potential breaches of the Act, all material published to Council website and social media, including comments on posts, will be closely moderated during the Election Period.

In practice this will mean that all comments will be temporarily hidden and quarantined until they have been manually reviewed for adherence to the Act.

During this time you will still be able to react to posts, and send direct messages.

Our Customer Focus Team are still available to help with your enquiries, phone 1300 367 700 or email

In the days leading up to the Election Period we may also remove any material currently on the website or our social media channels that could be considered electoral material.

Council’s communications will resume regular operation from Monday 26 October 2020.

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