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Free WiFi

The freedom to connect has been freely available in Latrobe City, with public WiFi hotspots being rolled out by Latrobe City Council throughout the past year.

Perhaps the most utilised of these hotspots are at Latrobe City Libraries.

Morwell resident Telitda Maynard said she found the WiFi very reliable.

Visiting the Morwell Library sporadically, she said she used the WiFi to “contact someone or read online books.”

Thrilled with being able to access the WiFi both inside and outside the building, Telitda said she had accessed the WiFi up to 2 metres away from the entrance.

Not just available to locals the WiFi is now also accessible to visitors to Latrobe City, like Lam Deng and James Chol from Melbourne, who recently accessed the WiFi while in town visiting family.

“I think being able to access WiFi is important. If you run out of data you can still call people overseas, access your bank records, it’s very helpful in that way,” Lam said.

“It’s a good service,” James added, explaining that he was using the internet connection to search for jobs. It is available 24/7, even if the facilities are shut the WiFi is still running.

A full list of locations is on the Latrobe City website, with the service soon to be available at train and bus stations.


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