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Lorraine Bartling OAM Scholarship in Nursing or Social Work Guidelines (Latrobe City Trust)

Applications open on 15 March 2022 and close 08 May 2022

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Latrobe City Trust will invite applications on an annual basis for the awarding of the Lorraine Bartling OAM Scholarship in Nursing and / or Social Work. The scholarship has been established to commemorate the life and work of Lorraine Bartling OAM and her contribution to this region.

Each scholarship provides a one off grant of $500, intended to assist with the further development of the applicant’s skills or qualifications. Normally, one scholarship will be made in each year, although the Latrobe City Trust reserves the right to award more than one scholarship, or no scholarship, in any given year. The intention of the Trust is to support students majoring and or wishing to further develop their skills in the fields of nursing and/or social work with a view to strengthening the overall workforce capability across the Gippsland region.


Applicants will have completed at least the first two years of a university or TAFE nursing or social work orientated degree course and will be continuing with either full-time or part-time studies to complete their qualification and/or undertake post-graduate studies. Applications will also be accepted from qualified Nurses and/or Social Workers who are undertaking post-graduate studies in order to further enhance their qualifications.


Applicants will be able to demonstrate in their applications how they intend to apply their knowledge and skills to contribute to strengthening health and wellbeing in the Latrobe Valley and broader Gippsland area. 

Applicants if successful are required to complete a Funding Agreement and complete an Acquittal form via the SmartyGrants website.

How to Lodge an Application

Applications are lodged through SmartyGrants

Applications open on 15 March 2022 and close 08 May 2022

Scholarship Enquiries

Please contact the Governance Officer – Trust, on 0428 031 350 or

SmartyGrants Enquires

Please contact the Grants Officer on 0428 661 071 or




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