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Latrobe City Trust Emergency Relief Fund Guidelines

Emergency Relief Network of Latrobe City - Round 1 2023
Applications Open  01/02/2023 – Close 10/03/2023

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Available funding: applications of up to $2,500 are invited.

Latrobe City Trust Emergency Relief Fund grant rounds are shared with the Emergency Relief Network when available, this is usually 2-3 times a calendar year. For more information, including support to complete the online application, phone the Grants Officer on 1300 367 700 or email

Program overview

Emergency Relief (ER) is defined as the provision of assistance to people in need. It consists of the provision of financial and material aid such as food, clothing, travel assistance, pharmaceuticals, accommodation and basic household items to meet the immediate needs of an individual, family or community.

The Emergency Relief Network of Latrobe City (ERNLaC) is a group committed to facilitating the delivery of comprehensive Emergency Relief to the people of Latrobe City. It is made up of representatives of Emergency Relief provider agencies and organisations, together with representation from Latrobe City.

The Magistrate’s Court of Victoria provides limited funds for ER within Latrobe City. These funds are managed by the Latrobe City Trust on behalf of ERNLaC and the Courts and made available in the form of grants for activities or projects. To be eligible all applications must directly provide Emergency Relief and fit within the guidelines provided by the Magistrate’s Court.

Eligibility criteria

  • Applicants must be an approved member of ERNLaC, through signing the Memorandum of Understanding. Please use the contact details below if you have any membership enquiries.
  • Applicants must be a Not for Profit organisation who hold a current ABN or be an incorporated association registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.
  • Applicants must provide a charitable or community service for the benefit of the Latrobe City community. Grants are limited to service provision across and within Latrobe City.

Conditions of funding

  • Applicants may only apply for one grant per funding round but may apply in each round regardless of the outcome of a previous application.
  • Applications and the use of Grant monies are restricted to the direct provision of Emergency Relief or to address disadvantage.
  • Recipients of funds will be required to submit an Acquittal Form within nine months of receiving funding. The Acquittal Form can be completed after grant funding has been exhausted. The Acquittal Form will ask you to include statistical data and appropriate evidence of expenditure and will need to
  • be submitted online. An organisation or agency will be ineligible to apply for a future grant until all previous acquittals have been successfully completed. A copy of the Acquittal Form can be viewed prior to accepting grant funding and will be provided to you if you receive a successful grant notification email.
  • The Latrobe City Trust will not provide funds for:
    • Retrospective purposes;
    • Commercial activities; and
    • Administration, overheads or salary costs.
  • Approved applicants must ensure funds are spent in line with the purpose of which the grant was approved. The Latrobe City Trust reserves the right to cancel a grant if it is deemed that the purpose of which the grant was approved substantially changes.
  • Permission must be sought from the Latrobe City Trust to change the scope of an approved grant. The Trust reserves the right to deny proposed changes and request funds be returned if the original purpose cannot be fulfilled.
  • If an organisation’s status or financial viability has changed at any time whilst holding Emergency Relief Funds then the onus is on the ERNLaC member to notify the Trust in writing within seven days of becoming aware of its situation.
  • Funding is subject to completion of a Funding Agreement Form online. The Funding Agreement Form will include a list of conditions that must be complied with and your Acquittal deadlines.
  • Application forms must be submitted online on the current application form and completed in full.

Assessment process

Applications are initially assessed for eligibility by a panel of Latrobe City Council staff comprised from the Community Development Team. The panel makes recommendation to the Latrobe City Trust who make a final decision on which applications will and will not be funded.

Preference will be given to activities providing for people residing within the boundaries of Latrobe City.

Priority will also be given to applications for grants which:

  • Provide Emergency Relief in geographical and service areas not currently or adequately provided for; and/or
  • Enhance the overall objective of facilitating the delivery of comprehensive and coordinated Emergency Relief across Latrobe City.
  • Provide complementary programs and initiatives that focus on reducing dependency on Emergency Relief.
  • Are currently not in receipt of Government funding specifically for the purposes of providing Emergency Relief in Latrobe City; and/or are able to provide evidence that these funds have been appropriately dispersed in accordance with the requirements of the Government.
  • Have a strong volunteer component as part of its Emergency Relief delivery.

Due to the unpredictability of total grant monies available in any funding round the Trust may not award grants in any given funding period or may award less than the amount being applied for.

The Trust’s decision on all applications is final and no correspondence will be entered into relating to unsuccessful applications.

Outcome notification

Notification will be made by email using the primary contact email address provided at the time of application.

If successful, you will receive a link via email to a Funding Agreement Form for completion. The Funding Agreement form will include a list of conditions that must be complied with and your Acquittal deadlines.

Following successful completion of the Funding Agreement Form, the funds will reach your nominated bank account within approximately two weeks.

Application Form

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Contact information

For general enquires relating to the grant program, including support to complete the online application:

Grants Officer, 1300 367 700,

For specific enquiries relating to the Emergency Relief Network of Latrobe City, including membership enquiries:

Governance Officer Trust – 0428 031 350 email


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