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Latrobe Community Arts Fund Guidelines (Latrobe City Trust)

Applications are currently closed.

Arts in the Latrobe City area have been supported by the activities of many local cultural groups over many years. One very important "umbrella" group was the Traralgon Music Drama and Arts Society (TMDA), formed in the 1950’s, which supported Repertory, Music, Choir, Film and Art groups in Traralgon and district. Support and encouragement of participation by children, young people and adults in the visual and performing arts throughout the local area was one of the key objectives of the TMDA. The TMDA was a strong, thriving group which facilitated many diverse arts activities for about 20 years.

In the early 1970s, the Victorian Government established a Regional Arts Organisation to support the Arts in Regional Victoria. A Traralgon Branch of the Victorian Arts Council was established. The TMDA was then disbanded and its funds were transferred to the Traralgon Arts Council (TAC) with the clear proviso that if, at any stage in the future, the TAC should cease to be active, then any remaining funds should be used for the benefit of local arts activities.

The Traralgon Arts Council was active for many years promoting access to the Arts, including facilitating performances in Traralgon by touring music and drama groups auspiced by the Victorian Arts Council. It also supported other initiatives such as school programs, artists in residence projects, providing an arts newsletter and other arts initiatives. Over time, the TAC became less active, partly as a result of increased state and local government support for arts activities.

In 2015, the TAC contacted the Latrobe City Trust to discuss the option of transferring most of the remaining funds of the TAC in order to establish a new fund for the promotion of the arts in the Latrobe City. After discussions, it was agreed that a Latrobe Community Arts Fund, administered by the Latrobe City Trust, on an agreed basis, would be established using money donated by the TAC.

The Latrobe Community Arts Fund was settled by the Trust on 07 March 2016.

Purpose, functions and approaches

The purpose of the Latrobe Community Arts Fund is to facilitate the development, promotion and encouragement of the Arts in the Latrobe community.

The Arts includes, but is not necessarily limited to:-

  • Music
  • Visual Arts including drawing, painting, ceramics and sculpting
  • Literature
  • Performing Arts including film and theatre productions, set design, lighting, makeup

The Latrobe Community Arts Fund will provide grants to support a range of initiatives in Latrobe City that are designed to foster the development and appreciation of the arts across the general community. Particular consideration will be given to supporting arts activities involving or developing skills among younger people. A general preference will be given to providing relatively small grants, in order to spread the benefits of the grants program widely.


Grants will be made available to assist groups or individuals.

Grants may be made available for a wide variety of purposes, including matters such as:-

  • Support for attendance at training and development courses;
  • Arts projects/initiatives; or
  • Co-funding towards the purchase of specialised equipment

The Latrobe City Trust will consider applications for funding at least once every year after having provided at least five weeks public notice prior of the meeting at which applications will be considered. The Latrobe City Trust may also consider applications at other meetings, if the Trust considers that this is warranted by special circumstances.

Criteria for assessment of applications

The following general eligibility criteria have been developed as a guide for applications for funding from the Latrobe Community Arts Fund:

  • Applications must be made on the official application form.
  • For applications from individuals, the applicant must reside in Latrobe City.
  • For applications for Arts projects/initiatives, the activity must take place within the Latrobe City.
  • There are restrictions on the fields of the Arts to which grant monies can be applied to (see examples above).
  • The applicant is to specify the amount of grant monies requested and justify the amount so requested.
  • The applicant must provide a clear explanation of the activity or project for which funding is sought, including any relevant supporting documentation.

As far as possible, applications should demonstrate how the grant would:-

  • facilitate best practice and innovativeness.
  • add value to existing Arts initiatives.
  • enable timely and successful implementation and completion.
  • provide good value for money.

Funds will not be allocated for the following:

  • Agencies or activities not based in the Latrobe City or benefiting residents of the municipality.
  • Retrospective purposes of any description.
  • Projects where the activity is clearly the core funding responsibility of State/Commonwealth government, unless the applicant can demonstrate that additional funding will expand and/or enhance the project and deliver benefits for the Latrobe City community.
  • Applications seeking funding for a third party.

Selection process

  • Applications must be lodged on the official application form.
  • An assessment will be made of each application in terms of its potential to support the promotion and development of the Arts in the Latrobe community
  • All decisions on applications will be determined by the Latrobe City Trust. The Latrobe City Trust may establish a panel to provide it with advice about the assessment of applications.
  • Applicants must be prepared to be interviewed if required.
  • The decision of the Trust is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • At the conclusion of the project/initiative or completion of the training program, grant recipients are required to submit a report to the Trust
  • An acknowledgement of the support received from the Latrobe Community Arts Fund / Latrobe City Trust should be included in any promotion of the Arts project/initiative.
  • The number of grants allocated per annum will be determined by the Trustees at their sole discretion.
  • The Latrobe City Trust reserves the right to cancel a grant if, in its opinion, the purposes for which the grant was approved change substantially, or if there is evidence of unsatisfactory progress.


Please complete all questions on the application form. Further attachments may be included in support of the application.

Where applicable, the following information should also be supplied:

  • Copy of constitution or details of group/association, including key objectives
  • Copy of last audited financial report


Contact Governance Officer – Trust on 1300 367 700 or

Smartygrants assistance – Grants Officer on 0428 661 071

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