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Donations and Bequests

How do a make a donation or start my own fund?

Any person, family, organisation, club or association can make a donation or a bequest towards an existing Fund, or can ask to establish their own fund for their own special purpose.  Many families, individuals and organisations have obtained great satisfaction from knowing that their donations and bequests are truly being utilised to better our local community.

At the Trustees’ discretion, the Trust can also act as the nominee applicant and/or funding recipient for any community organisation in order to secure funding (for a purpose which meets the purposes of the Trust) from a government body or charitable foundation requiring the applicant to be a registered charitable body.

Through the generosity of individuals and organisations, in a variety of ways, the Latrobe City Trust currently manages 11 separate funds such as:

  • Latrobe City Community Gaming Support Fund
  • MSE Williams (Youth Support) Fund
  • Jean Galbraith Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Bert Thompson Memorial Fund
  • Edwin James Austin Fund
  • Latrobe Emergency Relief Fund
  • Grout Park Fund

The Latrobe City Trust promotes and encourages a variety of activities within the Latrobe Valley, including but not limited to the promotion of sport and recreation, educational or musical scholarships, promotion of the arts, ages services, the environment, health and welfare of the community.

There is no limit or minimum sum required to establish a fund, however the establishment of a Fund remains at the discretion of the Trustees.

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