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Thanking Our Workers

Thank you to our workers web banner

They are the people who have been working harder and making personal sacrifices to keep our lives as normal as possible during the abnormal world the COVID-19 pandemic has created.

They are the workers who have been on the medical frontline – such as nurses, doctors and paramedics.

They are also the supermarket workers keeping shelves stocked and delivering groceries; cleaners reducing the risk of COVID-19 in hospitals and other public spaces; and the postal workers, couriers and truck drivers dealing with greater demand.

They are the local business-people innovating to supply us with goods and services, and to simply stay open so they can be there for the community once the pandemic is over.

These workers have been nothing but supportive to us during the pandemic and Latrobe City Council encourages the community to come together to thank these workers at this challenging time.

Let’s spread the love, appreciation and awareness of how amazing they are by taking a moment to write a small message to say thank you.

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