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Fire Restrictions and Permit to Burn

Permit to Burn/Burning Off

The Fire Danger Period has now ceased in the Latrobe City Municipality as of 0100 hours on 15 March 2021. 

The current Latrobe City Local Law No 2 requires all owners or occupiers of all land in Latrobe City to have a permit to burn. This notice is hereby given as a blanket permit for all properties zoned Farming, Rural, Rural-Lifestyle and Rural/Residential within the Latrobe City Municipality.  You DO NOT need to call Latrobe City Council for a written permit, but you must register your burn with VicFire Ballarat on 1800 668 511 and your local CFA . 

For Industrial zoned properties a permit MUST be requested through Latrobe City Council by phoning 1300 367 700.  A Municipal Fire Prevention Officer will inspect the property and will then issue a Permit to Burn if all conditions are met and materials being burned are suitable.

The following conditions must be adhered to: 

  • An adult is to be in attendance at all times.
  • A minimum firebreak of 2 metres must be constructed around the area to be burnt.
  • Sufficient water is to be on site to handle any emergency that may occur.
  • Burning off must not commence before 7.00am
  • Burning off must not commence if winds are more than 15 kilometres per hour or the temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius.  If burning off has commenced, all fires MUST be extinguished immediately.

Notice must be given to each owner or occupier of land neighbouring the area to be burnt.

Call 1800 668 511 Vic Fire Ballarat to lodge your intention to burn.

This permit is not valid on days of Total Fire Ban.

For the Residential 1 zone and Township zone areas of Churchill, Moe, Morwell, Traralgon, Yallourn North, Yinnar, Boolarra, Glengarry, Toongabbie, Tyers and Traralgon South all burning off is banned. 

The Municipal Fire Prevention Officer may refer to Latrobe City Council’s Planning Department for any queries regarding planning issues.

Should any variation of the above conditions be envisaged, an individual permit must be obtained from council - please phone the Municipal Fire Prevention Officer on 1300 367 700.

How to apply

Phone Latrobe City Council on 1300 367 700 to lodge your request.  If your request is granted, you must phone VicFire Ballarat on 1800 668 511 and your local CFA  to register your burn and advise times and dates.


The use of incinerators is banned within the municipality of Latrobe City Council.

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