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Community Safety

The Living Well Latrobe Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017-2021 identified the following areas our community highlighted as important to be able to achieve a healthy, safe, vibrant and connected community.

Safety at home

  • Be vocal supports and active participants in the eradication of family violence
  • Promote a more gender equitable community by developing our workforce, educating the community and building an understanding of the underlying causes of family violence
  • Work with the key partners including state government on implementing “Ending Family Violence – Victoria’s plan for change” (10 year plan)
  • Work with partners to enable responsive, flexible and culturally appropriate support for those who have been affected by family violence
  • Work with community groups to promote online safety

Safety in our community

  • Support stronger relationships and partnerships between the police and the community
  • Encourage clubs, community groups and services to provide safe, welcoming and inclusive environments for all
  • Consider innovative ways to re invigorate empty shop fronts to add brightness and vibrancy to our street scapes
  • Work with the police and agencies to respond to public perceptions of safety
  • Work with neighbourhood centres, houses and hubs to build local connections and support school and neighbourhood renewal projects
  • Work creatively to develop initiatives to prevent those in our community from entering or re-entering the criminal justice system and look at ways to support re-entry into the community
  • Address pedestrian and transport safety needs – consider pedestrian crossings, bike and walking paths, hoon behaviour, lighting and community prevention activities

For more information  contact  Safe and Inclusive Communities team on 1300 367 700.

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