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Latrobe City has a strong commitment to enhancing and developing the visual appearance of its municipality to ensure it is a place where people feel safe, connected and proud of their city.

Businesses, community groups, clubs and residents can all play an important role in graffiti management in Latrobe City. Here, we provide you with all the information you need on graffiti prevention, guidelines for reporting and also graffiti removal. By working together to prevent and remove graffiti quickly, we can step closer to a cleaner, safer and more visually appealing community.

Graffiti Prevention

Whilst graffiti is a common problem, there are a number of ways we can all try and prevent graffiti from occurring on our properties and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Keep your property well maintained and visible

  • Make sure your property is tidy and free from litter, broken windows, fencing and overgrown landscaping.
  • Try to make the view to your property as clear as possible, limiting places for people to hide behind whilst vandalising.
  • Ensure external lighting is working, including in surrounding publlic areas.
  • Install sensor lighting or survelliance cameras.

Reduce access to properties

  • Relocate items that may be used to climb upon and gain access to higher areas.
  • Plant shrubs or other vegetation in front of property surfaces to create a barrier.
  • Install fixtures such as fencing to restrict access to graffiti-prone areas.
  • Relocate items that may be used to climb upon and gain access to higher areas.

Consider alternative coverings

  • Apply anti-graffiti coatings or paint to external walls.
  • Use dark colours and rough-surfaced materials to reduce the effectiveness of spray paint or pens.
  • Create a mural on walls that are regular graffiti targets.

Remove graffiti within 24 hours or as soon as possible

  • Remove graffiti on your property as soon as possible – research suggests that the longer graffiti is visible the more likely it will attract further attacks.
  • Organise regular clean ups, including litter pickups at your property and surrounding neighbourhood.

Reporting Graffiti

If you have been the victim of a graffiti attack please report by contacting your local police station. It is important to photograph all graffiti before removing, as a form of evidence and for potential future identification of suspect.

Traralgon Police – 5172 2700 Morwell Police – 5131 5000 Moe Police – 5128 1100 Churchill Police – 5122 1790

If you have information regarding known graffiti offenders, illegal activity or people acting suspiciously you can report anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

If you see graffiti on Council property surrounding your school, community group or club, please report as soon as possible by either: 1. Telephoning 1300 367 700 or 2. Visit Report an Issue

Council staff aim to remove all graffiti on property owned by Council as quickly as possible. Please note Latrobe City does not remove graffiti from private property.

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