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Community Meeting Rooms and Kitchen Conditions of Hire

Application to Use Meeting Rooms

Each application for use of the rooms must be made by :

  • submitting the online Community Meeting Room request 
  • phoning 1300 367 700
  • emailing on the Latrobe City Service Centre and Libraries Meeting Room Booking Form. The form must be signed by the applicant with the undertaking to comply with the Conditions of Use.

The applicant must be 18 years or over. All applicants will be known as the ‘User’ of the meeting rooms.

Unless prior approval has been given, the completed form/s must be received within 10 working days either by mail, email or hand delivered at the Moe Service Centre and prior to using the meeting room.  A booking shall only be considered confirmed when all relevant paperwork is received.

Access to buildings

The meeting rooms are available for booking from 7am until late evening, Monday – Sunday.

Except for the Traralgon Community Meeting Room, that is located within the Traralgon Library. This room is available from 8.30am to 5.15pm Monday to Friday and Saturday from 9am to 12noon.

A swipe card will be issued to access meeting rooms after hours.  It is expected all Users will complete an induction prior to using the meeting rooms in relation to use of IT equipment, building access, and lighting and will include a brief overview of the evacuation procedures. It is the responsibility of the User to have a mobile phone on site after hours in case of any emergency. 

All inductions will be completed when collecting the security swipe card to access the buildings unless prior arrangements have been made. Please contact 5128 6119 or by email to arrange this induction.

All swipe cards must be returned within 24 hours following the completion of the meeting room and/ or Community Kitchen booking. There is also the option to place the swipe pass in the Library’s after hours returns chute at each location at the completion of the booking.

Fees and charges

The booking of the meeting rooms are free of charge for community and non-profit use. Rates apply for commercial organisations as per the current Latrobe City Council fees and charges.


  • Per hour $33.50
  • 5 hours or more/full day $162*

*If Meeting Room 4 and Meeting Room 5 are booked together and opened up to create one large meeting space, the one fee of $162 will still apply. 

For commercial bookings, fees must be paid on the day or an invoice will be forwarded to the event organiser. 

Fees are subject to annual review by Council, and new fees may apply from 1 July each financial year.

Application to Use Community Kitchen (Moe Service Centre Only)

The Community/Commercial Kitchen is available for booking by individuals, community groups, non-profit organisations and commercial bookings. Bookings will only be accepted by :

  • submitting the online Community Meeting Room request
  • contacting 1300 367 700
  • email
  • in person at the Moe Service Centre to check availability and tentatively book. The ‘Community Kitchen Booking’ form’ will also be required to be completed and submitted in person or by email to to confirm the booking. 

Fees and charges

The community kitchen is free of charge for community and non-profit use. Rates apply for commercial organisations.

  • Per hour $33.50
  • 5 hours or more/full day $162*
However, should a cleaner be required to be arranged to clean up following the use of the kitchen, the individual user or group will be invoiced by Latrobe City Council $100 to cover this cost. If Council staff fail to clean up after themselves, a fee will be charged to the business unit to have the kitchen cleaned. 

Food safety

Any groups or individuals using the kitchen will need to be registered with Council’s Health Services team if the food that is being prepared in the community kitchen is to be sold. A Food Safety Supervisor is not required, however basic certification for food handling is recommended.

Registration paper work and further information for community groups using the kitchen can be obtained from Council’s Health Services team.

If the user of the kitchen is planning a community group food fundraiser, they will need to know what to do. 

Cooking Classes do not require registration or Food Safety Supervisor requirements pursuant to the Food Act 1984, however basic certification for food handling is recommended.

Commercial businesses using the Community Kitchen for their manufacturing/food production must ensure they hold Food Act registration. Please note that caterers attending private functions are exempt from notifying Council of the event however all caterers must hold current Food Act registration with their Council.

Tea and Coffee Making Facilities

Tea, coffee, sugar and milk will be provided for meeting room users at Moe and Traralgon Service Centres and Libraries. In Traralgon this is located in the kitchenette of the Traralgon Community Meeting Room.  At Moe Service Centre there a small sink and hot and cold water provided in the breakout area within the foyer space for users of the meeting rooms.  A key will be provided to access to tea, coffee, etc. stored in the breakout area when the user picks up the security swipe for access to the building and completes the induction.


Latrobe City Council is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and takes all reasonable and practicable steps to protect the health and safety of employees, contractors and visitors in the workplace.

Latrobe City Council employees, contractors or visitors must not consume alcohol anywhere in the workplace other than at company functions or other special events which must be authorised by a General Manager or the Chief Executive Officer.  Request for exemption must be made in writing at least two weeks prior to any event at which alcohol will be available.  Where appropriate, liquor licences must be obtained by users, tenants and communications organisations for the serving of alcohol.

In all circumstances where alcohol is being consumed in the workplace as part of an authorised function, Latrobe City Council will encourage responsible use of alcohol by ensuring that low alcohol drinks are available as well as arrange of non-alcoholic drinks.

Cancellation of Bookings

Meeting rooms

By Council

Council reserves the right to cancel any booking with 72 hours’ notice to the User. Should it be necessary for Council to cancel any bookings, any fees paid in respect thereof will be refunded.

By User

Should the User cancel a booking, Council will not be liable to refund the fees paid unless notified at least seventy two (72) hours prior to the scheduled booking.

Community kitchen

By Council

Council reserves the right to cancel any booking with 72 hours’ notice to the User. Should it be necessary for Council to cancel any bookings, the bond paid will be refunded.

By User

Should the User cancel a booking, Council will arrange for the bond to be refunded.

Cleaning and User Responsibilities

At the close of activities, the User must return, in a clean condition all chairs and tables into the original position in which they were found.  No chairs, tables or other furniture or fittings shall be removed from the meeting rooms without prior approval of Latrobe City Council.          

All decorative material and any broken materials including glass shall be removed. Any spillage must be cleaned up; and rubbish or any other substances must be removed from tables, chairs, walls or floors and must be placed in the bins provided.

It is the responsibility of the User to leave the meeting rooms in a clean and tidy condition.

Should additional cleaning be required to the meeting room facilities, other than that which is normally expected to be carried out by Council’s cleaning contractor, the User will be expected to pay the sum of $40 per hour and accordingly for this work. 

Alterations or Damage to Property

The User shall be responsible for the full cost of repairing all damage to the building, fixtures, fittings and contents (fair wear and tear accepted) incurred during the use of the room. 

The floors, walls, curtains or any other part of the building or any fittings or furniture, shall not be broken, pierced by nails or screws or in any way damaged. 

No notices, signs, advertisements or fittings of any kind shall be erected in the building or attached or affixed to the walls, doors or any other portion of the building’s fittings or furniture without prior consent. If consent is granted, such notices, signs etc. shall be removed from the building on termination of the hiring.

Refusal to Hire

Latrobe City Council reserves the right to refuse the hire of any room based on;

  • any prior damage caused to Latrobe City Council assets; or
  • a prior history of unreasonable conduct.

Unreasonable Conduct

Latrobe City Council is responsible for the peace, order and good government of the municipality. It is committed to ensuring that services and facilities provided by Council are accessible and equitable and that its resources are used efficiently and effectively.

Customers or users of the Moe Service Centre and Library displaying behaviours that have an unreasonably negative impact on staff will be managed in accordance with the Unreasonable Conduct Policy.


The User shall comply in every respect with regulations under the Health Acts with regard to public buildings for the prevention of overcrowding and obstruction of corridors or any other part of the building. Any person causing an offence against such regulations shall be removed from the building.

Building Security

Neither Latrobe City Council, nor its officers shall be liable for any theft, loss or damage sustained by the User or activity participant. 

The User is responsible for ensuring the building has been secured at the completion of the booking:

  • switch off all internal lights;
  • switch of all electrical equipment;
  • secure all doors and windows before leaving the premises.


The User shall not do or neglect to do or permit to be done or permit to be left undone anything which will affect the Council’s insurance policy or policies relative to fire or public risk in connection with the Service Centres and Library’s Meeting Rooms; and the User hereby agrees to indemnify the Council to the extent that such policies are affected through any such act of commission or omission.

The Public Liability Policy shall cover such risks and be subject only to such conditions and exclusions as are approved by the Council and shall extend to cover the Council in respect to claims for personal injury or property damage arising out of the negligence of the User.

Smoke Free Environment

Council is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace therefore all Latrobe City workplaces, including vehicles, offices, depots, early learning and care centres, maternal and child health centres, libraries and recreation/leisure facilities are to operate as a Smoke Free Environment as per the Smoking In the Workplace Policy.

Smoking is not permitted within a minimum distance of 20 metres from an opening window, air circulation vent or doorway of a council building.


In the event of any dispute or difference arising as to the interpretation of these conditions, or any matter or thing contained therein, the decision of the Manager Communications and Customer Relations shall be final and conclusive.

Conditions of Use Agreement

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and will comply with the conditions as listed in the Conditions of Use for the Moe Community Kitchen and/or Community Meeting Rooms at the Moe Service Centre, 1-29 George Street, Moe or the Traralgon Community Meeting Room at the Traralgon Service Centre, 38 Kay Street Traralgon.

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