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Airport Operations

Latrobe Regional Airport has two all-weather runway’s, one glider strip and ample aircraft parking (sealed & unsealed).

Latrobe Regional Airport’s Aeronautical Information:


CTAF Frequency: 126.00

AWIS Frequency: 128.20

Pilot Activated Lighting: 122.30

Airport Runways:

Runway 03/21 – 1430m x 23m stone mastic asphalt. Non-precision instrument procedures with night operations lighting and PAPI navigational lights.

Runway 09/27 – 919m x 18m gravel.

Glider Strip 03/21 – 537m x 10m grass. Subject to weather conditions, refer to NOTAMs.

Navigational aids:

RNP Runway 03 and Runway 21

NDB-A & NDB-B procedures

Runway 03/21 Pilot Activated Lighting

Illuminated wind direction indicator

Aircraft Parking:

Sealed aircraft parking bays with tie-downs are provided for in front of the Airport Terminal with larger aircraft interim parking available for Ambulance or Charter operations adjacent to the tie-down bays.

Grass parking locations are available in various locations on the airport.

Fuel Facilities:

AVGAS and JetA1 is available.

Aerofuels – Latrobe Valley Aero Club – AVGAS (24hour fuel self-service) & JetA1 bowser and tanker.

Contact – 0408 038 285

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