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Reservations (Holds)

As a library member you can reserve an item and we'll hold it, free of charge, for ten days at your local library.

You can place a hold on a library item when

  • you would like to borrow it but all the copies are out
  • it is located at another of our libraries and you want it sent to your library
  • Latrobe City Libraries does not have the title but another library in Victoria does

How to reserve a item

You can place reservations in person, over the telephone, and by email.

You can also search for the item using the library’s online catalogue. Once you have identified the title you want, click ‘Place Hold’ and follow the prompts.

If you have searched for your title and checked both the Latrobe City Library and All Libraries Tab without success, you can ask staff to request the item from other Victorian libraries. Libraries generally will

  • not supply any items published within the last 2 years
  • not supply items held by our library
  • take longer to supply than items ordered through our catalogue 

When will reservations be available for pick up?

Most reservations placed through our catalogue are supplied within one to six weeks. . Some popular items can take much longer.

How will I be notified that my reservation is available?

We will notify you when your item is available to borrow by email, SMS or post. You can login to your library account through the library catalogue and check yourself. You can also phone or ask staff in person.  

Items which are not available for hold

Most libraries have collections which are not available for loan. Generally you will not able able to borrow:

  • Reference items from Latrobe City Libraries or any other libraries
  • Items belonging to TAFE and/or school libraries
  • specialist  collections like our Ex-Yallourn Collection or Ballarat's Australiana Collection 

Purchase recommendations

Your suggestions for additions to the Collection are welcomed for consideration. Suggestions will be assessed by library staff using the Collection Development Guidelines.

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