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Internet Access Conditions

Your Responsibilities:

  • Make yourself aware of the Internet Guidelines and Terms and Conditions of Use documentation on display near each PC.
  • If you wish to print, ask staff to setup a Printing Account before you start your session.
  • Make no changes to the setup or configuration and no software is to be loaded on computers.
  • You must use headphones when visiting sites with high sound levels or as requested by staff.
  • Saving your work before the session ends. The Library does not take any responsibility for loss of data.
  • Content that is illegal under Commonwealth or Victorian legislation must not be downloaded, viewed and or printed. The intentional downloading, viewing and or printing of material that contains content considered to be offensive as defined by the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 1995 is not condoned. Offensive material includes but is not limited to: Obscene or harassing language or images, racial, ethnic, sexual, erotic or gender specific comments or images, Other content or images that would offend someone on the basis of their religious or political beliefs, sexual orientation, physical features, national origin or age.
  • You must not engage in behaviour which inconveniences or discomforts others in the library.
  • Complaints regarding breaches of the Conditions of Membership or Internet Guidelines are to be directed to staff. The complaint will be escalated to senior library staff or Coordinator Libraries if required.

Access for children:

  • Parents/guardians are responsible for use of the internet by their children, and for any websites accessed. Parents/guardians who wish to limit or restrict access by their children must personally oversee their use of the internet and other forms of electronic information.
  • Library staff members are available to assist with children’s information needs, however do not accept responsibility for determining what they should access.

Risk Management – Being eSmart on our PCs and WiFi networks:

  • Privacy and confidentiality cannot be totally assured in the use of any online resource and the security of data and networks cannot be guaranteed. Computers are for general use and should not be regarded as secure.
  • You should log out of services and refrain from entering highly sensitive information (eg. tax file numbers, banking details) while using library facilities.
  • The library cannot assume responsibility for any loss of data, funds, or identity theft that may result from use of the internet in the library.
  • At the conclusion of each Internet session ensure that all opened web browser windows are closed. Do not leave passwords on display. If you are finishing your internet session early, click the End Session button which displays on the screen to close your session.

Copyright and intellectual property:

  • Reproduction of any material protected by copyright without the permission of the copyright owner may infringe copyright. This includes printing, saving to a mass storage device (e.g. USB, MP3 Player) or copying from one disk to another.
  • Access to the internet does not allow you to download songs, movies or other content illegally from peer to peer sites. Members may however access sites where they legally pay to access such material.
  • Any person caught downloading material illegally will be asked to cease immediately and may have their internet privileges suspended or barred. Latrobe City Council will cooperate with authorities in any civil proceedings bought against people in these circumstances.

Privacy of information:

  • The Library takes no responsibility for the security of personal or any other information that users may choose to place on the internet - for example, through internet banking, social media. Merchandising websites or by filling out any forms on the internet.
  • For information on the privacy of information collected by the Library from users to allow access to the Library's internet services, please refer to the Latrobe City Council's Privacy Policy and Privacy Statement for further information.

Staff assistance:

  • Staff members are able to provide basic assistance and help in troubleshooting problems but cannot provide one to one tuition in the use of the computer or internet.
  • Training courses are provided by Latrobe City Libraries from time to time. Atomic Training is the library’s online tutorial service and is available free to Library members. 


Breaches of library policy will result in:

  • In the first instance a verbal explanation of the policy, its rationale and the procedures to be given.
  • In the second instance a written warning detailing the nature of the breach, the time it occurred and the procedures to be given.
  • In the third instance a written notification of withdrawal of access to the internet.

Notwithstanding this procedure, Latrobe City Libraries reserves the right for staff to terminate sessions at any time where users are informed of a serious breach of these conditions and continue to breach the conditions during any one session.

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