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The library is just the best

Sarah Wilkie has been a regular at the Morwell Library for a number of years and loves true crime and detective novels.

“I adore the library, it’s a treat to go in and browse items to read for free. The staff are amazing. They listen and guide me and always try to get items in for me when I tell them what I’m looking for. They’re so compassionate, it’s like getting a virtual hug when I go in. The way the staff offer ideas and assist with everything, they’re just so interested and caring.

“I love to browse at a leisurely pace, there are seats inside and it’s laid out like your favourite bookshop. It’s so welcoming that you can just sit and read a newspaper or do the puzzle or work and study, and it’s not awkward, it’s just a beautiful community spirit.”

“The library is just the best.”

Libraries Change Lives Sarah Wilkie
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