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Step inside new worlds…the powerful attractant of book clubs.

Margaret has been a member of a book club for many years. In fact, she’s a member of more than one and for her, it’s not just about the reading; the attraction is the social side. Margaret enjoys the “civil discussion”, the exchange of opinions and the wide array of material that she’s read over the years. She’s developed a fondness for historical fiction, a genre she hadn’t considered much before joining the book club.

“It opens your mind and changes the way you think,” Margaret says. “It might not be a dramatic life change, but belonging to a book club can make you feel connected to others.”

The book club reads a new book each month and meets to discuss the themes, story, characters and general feel of the work. The Latrobe City Libraries provide book club sets so that book club members receive their own copy for reading and discussion.

Latrobe City Libraries services 14 book clubs in the area. To find out more, call into your local branch.


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