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Open your mind and let the information pour in

“I remember visiting the old Moe Library, in year 12. I went in to look for a book about yoga or something, but came across a book about Tibet called The Third Eye. That book sparked a lifelong love of that kind of literature - the origins of man, the cosmos. I have been fascinated ever since.”

“I used to hunt through second-hand bookshops for the same author’s works, and over time, I managed to collect them all.”

“I did well in chemistry in my final year at High School, so I studied for the Diploma of Applied Chemistry at the local Technical College in Yallourn, and became an Industrial Chemist. I’ve since retired, but still love to think about the universe, the knowledge we think we’ve lost.

“I truly believe that all the information mankind needs is out there. You just have to know where to look, you have to be able to tap into it. You have to stop thinking, open your mind and let the information pour in.”


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