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The Busy Hands knitting group comprises nine regulars who meet at the Moe Library weekly to knit, crochet, embroider and quilt. But more importantly they meet for the social connection. Originally affiliated with the Country Women’s Association, the group has seen a few changes in venues and some changing faces over the years. But no matter what, the heart of the group has stayed together.

They knit for various reasons. Some create items for sale at market stalls, some give their creations to charity, some knit for their families or themselves. But they all agree that the knitting is secondary to their enduring friendships.

As one member puts it, “we feel so good afterwards.”

The location of the group in one of the community meeting rooms at the Moe Library has given them a new and fresh outlook. The permanent booking is free and they feel at home in the bright and airy building.

The click-clack of knitting needles is not necessarily life-changing, but the support and friendship of this group of women over life’s ups and downs, has definitely been.


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