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A source of community and connection

Sue Smethurst is a journalist, award-winning author, media and communications strategist and company director. She is currently employed as a Senior Journalist with The Australian Women’s Weekly and serves on the Boards of The Australian Advertising Standards Bureau and Destination Gippsland. She is the author of eight books, specialising in non-fiction, with book number nine on the way.

‘Libraries are a great source of community and connection. I’ve written most of my books in local libraries and find inspiration in being surrounded by the words and wisdom of others. No trip to the library ends without a spark to the imagination, a new thread of information to explore or a new idea to pursue. From the comfort of a library chair we can be transported into another world, the folly of an author’s imagination, removed from the day to day monotony of life and endlessly immersed in places of magic and wonder. And of course, it goes without saying that the best assistant an author can have is a patient librarian!’


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