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Birth, Deaths and Marriages.

Information that was previously available on the Digger CD-ROMs will now only be available online.

Many records are available from either from State Government websites, our family history databases such as Ancestry and Find my Past  or on publicly available websites. Note that AncestryLibrary and Find my Past are available free when you are using them at the library through the library network.


Birth Deaths and Marriages (BDM) :

This site combines all the following Digger Indexes  

  • Births in Victoria from 1853 to 1917
  • Marriages in Victoria from 1853 to 1950
  • Deaths in Victoria from 1853 to 1988
  • Church baptisms, marriages and burials in Victoria from 1836 to 1855
  • Marine births, deaths and marriages 1853 to 1920

Other Victorian Records

New South Wales

This index covers

  • Births (over 100 years ago)
  • Deaths (over 30 years ago)
  • Marriages (over 50 years ago)

Other New South Wales Records


This index covers

  • Births 1829 - 1918
  • Deaths 1829-1988
  • Marriages 1829-1943  

South Australia

All available through Find My Past (free to use in any of our Libraries)

Other South Australian Records


Western Australia

This index covers

  • Births 1841 to 1932
  • Marriages 1841 to 1971
  • Deaths 1841 to 1936

Other West Australian records

 Australian Capital Territory

 This site allows you to download excel files containing the Death index 1930 to 1988 and the Marriage Index 1930 to 1943>

International Record

Scottish Research

Irish Research

Italian Research

European Research

Adoption in Victoria



Indigenous Family History




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