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Learn to Swim

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Learning to swim at Latrobe Leisure teaches children more than just swimming. We believe that learning to swim is not just a skill, it opens opportunities that go beyond the water.

With our program, we are not just teaching swimming; we're shaping confident individuals, fosters friendships, and creates a lifelong love for water.

Why Learn to Swim is Essential

Water is a part of our lives, and mastering this essential skill empowers you to enjoy it to the fullest.

Our program focuses on making children water-safe, promoting social interactions, and ensures that everyone can enjoy the water all year round. Learning to swim isn't just about staying afloat and knowing the different strokes.

Beyond the Swimming

  • Safety First: Our program emphasizes water safety, equipping you with crucial skills to navigate pools and beaches confidently.
  • Friendship in Every lesson: Dive into a community where friendships are formed poolside, creating bonds that go beyond the swim lanes.
  • Summer-Ready Confidence: Be the master of summer with the confidence that comes from knowing you can take on any water adventure.
  • Year-Round Access: Your membership doesn't just unlock swimming lessons; it grants you exclusive access to our top-notch facilities, ensuring you can enjoy the pool all year round.

Learn to Swim. Learn to be safe. Learn to have fun.

Academy at a Glance



    School Age

    6 Months - 3.5 Years

    3.5 Years - 5 Years

    5 Years - 14 Years

    Price: $14.50 per lesson

    Concession*: $11.00 per lesson

    Price: $15.30 per lesson

    Concession*: $11.50 per lesson

    Price: $16.00 per lesson

    Concession*: $12.10 per lesson

    Key Focuses

    Water familiarization, basic floating and
    kicking techniques, survival techniques
    and safe entries.

    Key Focuses

    Basics of freestyle and backstroke,
    confidence with full submersion
    and rescue techniques.

    Key Focuses

    Development of all major strokes
    and water safety.

    • 30 minutes
    • Parents in the pool
    • Maximum of 8 students
    • 4 levels to complete
    • Qualified Instructor
    • 30 minutes
    • Maximum of 5 students
    • Parents are not required to be in the water
    • 6 levels to complete
    • Qualified Instructor
    • 30 minutes
    • Varying instructor to student ratio’s
    • 8 levels to complete
    • Qualified instructor

    Concession Cards 

    To be eligible for concession rates, the name of the student enrolled must be printed on the concession card. Provide your concession card details by presenting your card to be photocopied at reception.  

    Please provide an updated copy when your card expires. You will automatically be charged the full rate when your card expires.

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