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Latrobe Leisure Netball Competition

A New Season is Coming

Registrations for the new season are closed.


Season start date: Thursday 18 April 2024
Season end date: Thursday 19 September 2024

Match day: Thursday nights
Location: Gippsland Regional Indoor Sports Stadium, Traralgon


  • Registration/Insurance = $55 per person
  • Team sheet = $65 per team, per round.

More information

  • Player registration and Insurance is due by Round 1.
  • Forfeit fees will be $50, notice is required by 12pm, the day of game
  • Fill in fee is $5 per player.
  • Individuals wishing to register their interest can do so by emailing and we will aim to facilitate introductions to teams looking for additional players
  • VNA Insurance does not cover this competition


This competition will be played using the Netball Australia rules which can be found here


  • Teams are to respect the umpires and their decisions at all times – see below for the steps to take if there is a disagreement or issue which cannot be resolved
  • Umpires will do their best to make correct calls to the best of their abilities at all times and will run the length of the court to ensure they cover as much ground as possible for this to occur.


If you disagree with a decision that is made during your game you must follow the below procedure:

  • Only the team captain should approach the umpire to discuss any issues with the game
  • All discussions must be in a polite and respectful manner by both the player and the umpire
  • The umpire will explain why they made the call
  • If there is no resolution please see reception who will be running the competition.
  • If there is still no resolution please send an email to

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