Hard Waste and Green Waste

What can you do with your hard waste?

  • ­Take it to a transfer station at any time of year, fees may apply
  • Take it to a transfer station during a twice yearly no-charge weekend
  • Book a kerbside collection prior to a twice yearly collection service, fees apply
  • Green waste needs to be separated from hard waste. Take green waste to a green waste facility any time of year, fees apply, or during a twice yearly green waste no charge weekend

Transfer stations and green waste facilities

Please refer to the waste facilities page for locations and opening hours, and the fees page for a full list of acceptable and non-acceptable material.

No charge green waste drop-off weekends

The next weekends will be 30 November to 1 December 2013 and 22 - 23 February 2014. No charge green waste drop-off weekends are held on the last weekend in February and November. Please refer to the facilities page for green waste facility locations and opening hours, and the fees page for what is and is not acceptable at green waste facilities. 

Hard Waste

No charge hard waste drop-off weekends

The next weekend will be 29 to 30 March 2014. All transfer stations will be open extended hours. Please refer to the waste facilities page for transfer station locations. See below for a full list of acceptable, chargeable and non-acceptable hard waste material. Fees apply for items listed as chargeable hard waste. Loads are limited to 2 cubic metres per household.

Hard waste kerbside collection service

The next service will be available in the week beginning 5 May 2014. Bookings for the December 2013 collection have now closed. Hard waste collection services commence on the first Monday in May and December. Bookings and payment must be made two weeks prior at any Latrobe City Service Centre or Library. Cost is $20 per collection or $10 for pensioners and health care card holders. Each collection is limited to 2 cubic metres.

Acceptable (non charged) hard waste includes:
  • Metal products such as tyre rims, piping, sheets of iron, car panels, old tools, bath tubs, empty drums/cans, bed frames, sinks/troughs, scrap metal, bike frames, clothes lines, taps, pots and pans, cutlery, lawn mowers, brushcutters, BBQ’s, screen doors, flues, guttering, steel fencing and gates, trampolines, swing sets, aluminum and steel ladders, hot water services, roller doors, aluminum widows and shower screens (glass removed), bull bars, filing cabinets.
  • Furniture such as couches, mattresses, tables, chairs, exercise equipment , bed side tables, tall boys, rugs, mats, cork tiles, TV cabinets, coffee tables (glass removed), dining tables, outdoor furniture, computer desks, curtains, blinds and fittings, luggage, toys, floating floors, vinyl, carpets and underlay ( Max 30 cm diameter X 1.5 m long), cane furniture, lamps.
  • Household appliances such as computers, televisions, fridges, freezers, washing machines, driers, stoves, ovens, ceiling fans, light fittings, photocopiers, printers, heaters, air conditioners, kettles, irons, microwave ovens, video recorders, DVD players, game consoles, toasters, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, clothing, laserlight roofing, blankets and sheets.
  • Other waste items such as plastic storage containers, plant pots and tubs, plastic buckets, eskies, baby furniture, tarps, shadecloth, mops and brooms, baskets, plastic Christmas trees, garden hose, cardboard.
  • Timber products such as fence palings, timber off cuts (max 2m), windows (glass removed), doors (fittings removed), pallets.
Chargable hard waste:
  • Tyres, mirrors, windscreens, broken windows, excavated material, building rubble, general waste such as from building renovation or demolition, plaster and tiles on backings, general kitchen waste, wheelie bin waste, silage wrap, netting and twine, incinerator waste and ash, windows with glass.
Non-acceptable hard waste includes:
  • Whole car bodies, engines, fuels, batteries, chemicals, oils, paint, hazardous waste, inflammable material, asbestos, fibreglass insulation, industrial waste, gas bottles, concrete, dead animals, grass clippings, weeds and green waste.
If you are unsure if an item is acceptable (no charge), chargeable or not acceptable please call 0418 260 466.