Volunteering in Reserves, Gardens and Recreational Areas

A number of local groups and committees are seeking volunteers to assist in the management and development of nominated Latrobe City Council reserves and gardens in accordance with their governing bodies  terms of reference and the environment and/or operational management plans.

Special Committee

Mathison Park special committee - Expression of Interest form(DOCX, 642KB)

Yinnar Recreation Reserve

  • Yinnar Recreation Reserve Committee of Management

Tyers Recreation Reserve

  • Tyers Recreation Reserve Special Committee

George Bates Reserve

  • George Bates Reserve Special Committee

Morwell Centenary Rose Garden

Traralgon Railway Reservoir Conservation Reserve

Mathison Park, Churchill

Callignee and Traralgon South Sporting Facilities

  • Traralgon South Recreation Reserve
  • Wes Pump Memorial Oval, Callignee 

Edward Hunter Heritage Bush Reserve

Crinigan Bushland Reserve

Ollerton Avenue Bushland Reserve

Moe Yallourn Rail Trail


Volunteers generally assist with labouring work like digging, pruning, weed spraying and can be taught on the job. If you have special training/licences like chainsaws, driving heavy plant equipment these skill may also be used.

Training is also offered in occupational, health and safety, first aid and snake handling.

Volunteer week

Volunteer Week is celebrated May each year with all registered volunteers invited to attend a thank-you event in recognition of the wonderful work they do for the community. 

Application for volunteer registration

To apply as a volunteer, read and complete the form below.

Please note:  your application will be considered by the relevant committee at their next meeting. Meeting schedules vary for each committee (monthly to quarterly). You will be notified of the outcome by the committee following their next meeting.

As a volunteer of the Council the following conditions apply:

  1. No payment will be made to you by Council.
  2. Your volunteer Council Supervisor/Liaison Officer is the Environmental Sustainability Officer or Coordinator Recreation Liason.
  3. The task you have volunteered for is works utilising demonstrated skills under the direct supervision of the Committee of Management and/or suitably qualified tradesperson. You are not permitted to use any industrial power tool that requires the qualified skill of a tradesperson. You are permitted to use small hand held power tools.
  4. Only whilst you are assisting Council in the above mentioned clearly defined Council business activity and while your assistance is approved/controlled and/or known by Council, you will be covered for Public Liability Insurance.
  5. While acting as a volunteer, a limited personal accident insurance cover will be provided by Council subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Council retains ownership of the policy and retains discretion in terms of any benefits payable under the policy. Volunteers are not covered by a WorkCover policy.
  6. Should any injury occur to you while you are acting as a volunteer of Council you must notify your Supervisor/Liaison Officer immediately, or as soon as practicable.
  7. Any incident which occurs in which injury or property damage to other parties may arise must be reported immediately or as soon as practicable to your Council Supervisor/Liaison Officer.
  8. Under the terms of the Occupational Health & Safety Act 2004, you must follow all established practices, procedures and instructions of Council which apply to the tasks you have volunteered to perform. You will be required to complete the Volunteer OH&S Induction when requested.
  9. You are expected to perform the task you have volunteered to perform with all due care and skill.
I confirm that I have read and understood the conditions above. * (required)
Volunteer group/area: * (required)

The purpose of these groups/committees are to manage the reserve/garden in accordance with the terms of reference and the environment and/or operational management plan.