Animals and Pets

Find your lost pet and all you need to know about owning a pet in Latrobe City, adopting a pound animal; dangerous dogs and noise control and unleashed dog areas.

Owners responsibilities

  • Dogs must not be allowed to wander outside the owner's premises. Your dog must be kept within an area which is securely fenced and be confined to the premises.
  • Dogs and cats must be desexed* and microchipped to be registered in Latrobe. (*Domestic Animal Act conditions and exemptions apply)
  • Registration tags must be attached to your dog and cat's collar.
  • Dogs must be on a leash unless in a designated 'Off Leash' area.
  • Under the provisions of the Domestic Animals Act 1994, Council resolved that a cat curfew will apply 9pm to 6am, seven days a week.

Fines apply.

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